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Find Healing From a Past Abortion

Are you struggling from a past abortion decision? While some women may feel a sense of relief immediately following an abortion, there may be feelings of regret that start to sink in over time – even years down the road. No matter how long it has been since your abortion, your feelings are valid and recognized. At Hope Rising, we offer support to women and men who have experienced abortion so they can begin to find hope and healing in a confidential setting. If you are ready to talk, we are here to listen. Reach out to us today.

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I hadn’t told anyone about my abortion, I have felt so much shame and was so afraid of judgement. I called Hope Rising and agreed to meet with one of their women. I had such anxiety about meeting this woman because surely she would want to hear my abortion story and up to now I have never spoken about it to anyone. We met at a local coffee shop and to my relief she didn’t ask me to share my story instead she told me her abortion story. The more she spoke the more I could relate. She had experienced all the same things. I knew my story was safe with her. Love the women at Hope Rising.
The women at Hope Rising are always there when I need someone to lean on and listen to me. If you have had an abortion and are struggling, this is the place to go. Best thing I ever did
At first I was just so glad that it was over, but weeks after my abortion I started to feel sad. I spoke to a few friends about it and they told me my hormones just needed to regulate and I would feel back to my old self. So I gave it sometime but it wasn’t getting any better. I heard about Hope Rising through a friend and decided it was time to speak to someone who had also experienced abortion. I met with the woman from Hope Rising at a coffee shop where she told me the whole story of HER abortion. When I left I still had sadness but I also knew I wasn’t alone and that many women experience the same kind of emotions. It gave me comfort to know that there were others who knew exactly what I was feeling.

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