We live in a world where many women “Shout their Abortions” and wear pink hats to showcase their pride. Sadly, many medical communities also claim that there are no long term emotional or physical repercussions from abortion. But we know the reality. We are a team of women who know, because we have lived it. We know that the temporary relief gives way to guilt, shame and remorse. We’ve heard the stories from too many women who have regretted their decision to abort their babies. We’ve seen and heard the destruction it has caused in their lives and the lives of their families. That is why Hope Rising is here. We want to give post-abortive women a safe place to talk about their experiences and offer lasting Hope and Healing. We want every woman to know that HEALING is possible after an abortion. Do you know that you can be forgiven and set free? When we tell our stories in an open and authentic way-shame has no place left to hide. Hope Rising is a place where women can connect and speak to other women who have gone through similar journeys. A safe place of confidentiality, with no judgment. A place where the depth of emotions is understood because they have also been experienced by others.

“When we find the courage to share our experiences, and the compassion to hear others tell their stories, we force shame out of hiding and end the silence.” – Brene’ Brown