It was 20 years after my abortion that I heard a woman speaking on the radio. She spoke about her lifelong struggles dealing with anger, shame, guilt and bouts of depression. And although she had tried many different methods to help with the depression it wasn’t until she addressed a past abortion that she started to see improvement.  An abortion she had years ago but was never able to speak about it or to grieve. Listening to her speak, it was as if she knew my every emotion surrounding my abortion. I met with this woman and found the peace and healing I needed.  It became pretty clear that if the two of us felt as we did, that there must be many other women who were feeling the same way; very unsure of where to go, afraid of judgement or even worse apathy. It was then that Hope Rising was established. A place where women can go and speak to other women who have gone through this same journey, a place of confidentiality, a place without judgement or apathy, a place where the depth of emotions is understood because they have also experienced those same emotions.

I believe Brene’ Brown summarizes Hope Rising when she says

“When we find the courage to share our experiences, and the compassion to hear others tell their stories, we force shame out of hiding and end the silence.” – Brene’ Brown

We are here to listen, let us help.