I hadn’t told anyone about my abortion, I have felt so much shame and was so afraid of judgement. I called Hope Rising and agreed to meet with one of their women. I had such anxiety about meeting this woman because surely she would want to hear my abortion story and up to now I have never spoken about it to anyone. We met at a local coffee shop and to my relief she didn’t ask me to share my story instead she told me her abortion story. The more she spoke the more I could relate. She had experienced all the same things. I knew my story was safe with her. Love the women at Hope Rising.


The women at Hope Rising are always there when I need someone to lean on and listen to me. If you have had an abortion and are struggling, this is the place to go. Best thing I ever did


At first I was just so glad that it was over, but weeks after my abortion I started to feel sad. I spoke to a few friends about it and they told me my hormones just needed to regulate and I would feel back to my old self. So I gave it sometime but it wasn’t getting any better. I heard about Hope Rising through a friend and decided it was time to speak to someone who had also experienced abortion. I met with the woman from Hope Rising at a coffee shop where she told me the whole story of HER abortion. When I left I still had sadness but I also knew I wasn’t alone and that many women experience the same kind of emotions. It gave me comfort to know that there were others who knew exactly what I was feeling.


I went to Hope Rising and joined one of the groups. Because of the women who run this ministry and the women in my group I started to see that I wasn’t alone. The feelings I had been experiencing were not abnormal but instead very normal. The love and support I received moved me along in my healing and I am forever grateful.